george curley realtor lake martin

I was, using a southern term, reared in the rural areas of Birmingham. After some 20 years as an industrial construction contractor, we moved to a family location and raised our children on a large farm as well as property on Lewis Smith Lake. We were blessed to see the formation of an impoundment as the water of the Sipsey river and other tributaries surged to the dam covering the hollows and slithering up the bluffs to form Lewis Smith Lake.  We still own the lake property there.

What I found amazing after many visits to Lake Martin to visit our daughter, was to find LakeMartin was already some ninety-plus years old. Many things can happen to an area in nearly 100 years.

We retired from construction and remodeling homes to our location on Sandy Creek. I felt a renewed love for the area and the duke’s mixture of persons and their heritages from Maine to Mexico, Seattle to Key Largo, all with a common love for the lake and the area.

I know my construction and some fifteen years as a licensed Real Estate Broker can be of value in helping you and yours choose just the perfect location for your transformation.

I am a War Eagle, Class of 60, and member of Red Ridge United Methodist.

Search out the properties available right here and give me a call 205.272.2666. I dare you. You will not want to go home.

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